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(short for LAnguages for the BOOk and Media sector) is a Leonardo da Vinci language competence project initiated by the Akademie der Österreichischen Buch- und Medienwirtschaft and coordinated by ibw, Institut für Bildungsforschung der Wirtschaft, the institute for research on qualifications and training of the Austrian economy.

The project aim is to develop a vocationally oriented, two-level language course with a special focus on intercultural learning that is geared towards people working in the book and media sector. The level for beginners will be available in English, German and Italian; the level for advanced learners will be provided in English only. LaBooM is designed as a blended learning course, in which open and distance learning phases interchange and will be completed and available by September 2007.

During the two-year project period (2005-2007) twelve partners from six different countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Poland and UK) develop online and CD-ROM materials for the distance learning phases, as well as hard-copy teaching materials for the open learning phases. Additionally, a sector-targeted multilingual word-list is produced in all project languages (Czech, English, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish) and will be displayed on the LaBooM website. Each of the two course levels will run over a period of ten weeks and comprise five online modules to be done during the distance learning phase (two weeks each) and six accompanying open learning phases held by a tutor. Users who wish to do the course will have to register at a CVET institution where they receive a password with which they can log in the course. The exercises and quizzes of the online modules will be self-correcting, that is, the computer will provide the correct answers. The open learning phases are particularly intended to practice speaking. Moreover, problems, questions etc. that might arise during distance learning phases can be discussed and clarified during these face-to-face sessions.

The first level, LaBooM for Beginners, is targeted at young skilled workers who have gathered three to five years of work experience in the book and media sector and wish to master the level of "Junior Manager". The second level, LaBooM for Advanced Learners is targeted at Junior Managers who have gathered six to ten years of work experience in the book and media sector and wish to master the level of "Manager". Users can do LaBooM for Beginners without having to go on to LaBooM for Advanced Learners. However, LaBooM for Beginners is a prerequisite for doing LaBooM for Advanced Learners. Both levels are defined in accordance with the Council of Europe's Framework of Reference: The beginners' level is based on the Waystage Level (A2), the advanced learners' level on the Vantage Level (B2). Furthermore, the degrees "Junior Manager" and "Manager" match the European Certification System of the Association of Bookseller and Publisher Training Organisation in Europe (ABPTOE).
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